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Midnight Motel

Midnight Motel

Artist: Jack Ingram

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Format: CD
Genre: Country
Rel. Date: 08/26/2016
UPC: 888072397552

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1. Old Motel
2. It’s Always Gonna Rain
3. I Feel Like Drinking Tonight
4. Blaine’s Ferris Wheel
5. Nothing To Fix
6. What’s A Boy To Do
7. Trying
8. Champion Of The World
9. I’m Drinking Through It
10. Can’t Get Any Better Than This
11. All Over Again
12. Old Motel (Acoustic Version)

More Info:

From the artist who brought us numerous hit songs including 'Wherever You Are', 'Barefoot and Crazy,' 'Love You' and 'Barbie Doll,' along with 'Seeing Stars,' an incredible duet with songstress Patty Griffin, comes a brand-new concept project from Texas native Jack Ingram. On his eighth studio album, Midnight Motel, Ingram finds the creative freedom to write his most expressive and emotionally raw songs to date. While the atmospheric yet, straightforward instrumentation brings a new found intimacy to the music of the artist who was named 'Best New Male Vocalist' by the Academy of Country Music in 2008. Midnight Motel ties together the razor's edge felt in Ingram's startlingly personal vocals and countless late nights spent writing music while on road.