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Nothing More


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2022 release. Three-time Grammy nominees and San Antonio, Texas-born quartet, Nothing More return with their highly awaited 7th album Spirits. The album features 13 songs with the band's most focused, adventurous, and intense music, uniting introspective philosophical lyrics with unapologetically massive anthems, including their in-your-face rock track "Turn It Up Like," their most recent Top 20 Billboard Active Rock radio single "Tired Of Winning" which is currently inside the Top 10. Since their emergence in 2003, Nothing More has earned rock radio chart history with #1 singles with both "This is the Time (Ballast)" and "Go To War" and already has seven Active Rock Radio Top-10 singles in their repertoire. "Spirits" further proves their expertise in the rock genre and beyond. It documents the tumultuous time the world experienced over the past two years capturing the desperation and isolation of lockdown, the spiral of substance abuse, the pain of broken relationships and survival in self-reliance while summarizing the overall story and mission of Nothing More: Reflect, Provoke, Inspire.
Nothing More - Spirits
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The Return of prior Century Media Progressive Heavy Metal / Power Metal Legends ONWARD! Founded by guitar virtuoso Toby Knapp and celebrated vocalist Michael Grant in 2000 Onward swiftly rose to Stardom with their acclaimed and highly praised debut album, "Evermoving" (2001), and follow up "Reawaken" (2002), both released on the renowned Century Media. Onward then went on a brief break, only to return with 2007's massive come-back album "The Neverending Sun". The band sadly disbanded in 2012 with the passing of vocalist Michael Grant. Onward released a fourth and final album entitled "New Fathoms Down", featuring posthumous demo vocal tracks from Michael Grant, as a tribute to their long time singer. Onward now triumphantly returns after 8 years with their Highly Anticipated fifth album "Of Epoch and Inferno". A pure, blazing Heavy Metal / Power / Thrash classic that is sure to appease the bands huge longtime fan base while gaining them new legions of young modern Heavy Metallers! Resurrected by founding member and international guitar legend and solo artist Toby Knapp, "Of Epoch and Inferno" features new vocalist Robert Van War, best known for his tenure with US Power / Heavy Metal act Attika. A supreme return in Top-Form from one of Americas most popular and celebrated progressive Heavy Metal bands!
Onward - Of Epoch & Inferno
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Dead Cross


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When Dead Cross released their self-titleddebut in the Summer of 2017, Mike Patton, in conversation withRolling Stone,said Im not some young tough guy trying toprove a point anymore. For me tomake a record like this, its entirely a musical adventure. I just think itsfun, and it makes me smile a lot. Visually, and audibly, DeadCross is asnarling beast from some of musics most experimental and dare we say,hardcore, musicians: Dave Lombardo (drums), Michael Crain (guitar), JustinPearson (bass) and the aforementioned Patton on vocals, but at its core its agroup of friends having fun, paying homage to the music they love and askingmusic fansto come along for the ride. Its that very friendship that broughtthe band members back together once again and gave us II, their new release out Oct 28th, 2022.

Dead Cross - II
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2022 release. Pain Remains is the sound of a band that has honed their sound and identity. From the opening choral chants and orchestration (composed by guitarist Andrew O'Connor) of 'Welcome Back, O' Sleeping Dreamer' straight into labyrinth of musical twists, turns, technicalities and raw emotion at the core of tracks like 'Sun Eater' or 'Soulless Existence' and culminating in the 'Pain Remains'-trilogy, Lorna Shore has woven together a sprawling document of ambition, soul and ability that few can match. It also is the sound of Lorna Shore breaking out of any sort of categorization and stepping into their own as a great extreme metal band. With 'Pain Remains', Lorna Shore has truly arrived. 'That's been the idea and the vision for the band for years,' states Adam. 'We've never wanted to be limited or meet someone's expectations of what we're supposed to be.'
Lorna Shore - Pain Remains
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Lacuna Coil

Comalies XX [2CD]

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Two CDs. 2022 release from the Italian metal band. Comalies XX is a deconstructed and transported reinvention of the band's classic third full-length, Comalies, originally released in 2002.
Lacuna Coil - Comalies XX [2CD]
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EXHUMED return from the depths with their macabre new album, To the Dead! The band' storied career needs no introduction; EXHUMED are the pioneers of blood-soaked "Gore" Metal. To the Dead is the culmination of decades upon decades of nightmarish riffs, obliterating blast beats, and hellish screams from the very depths the band crawled out from!

"To The Dead is a destination," EXHUMED mastermind Matt Harvey says. "A rotting world populated by the grotesquely twisted truths of our waking world and the decaying fallout of our most deranged ambitions. But it's also a title that evokes a celebration of, and an invitation into the gore-soaked world of EXHUMED." The very celebration of EXHUMED's history is ever-present on this album. "We've expanded the writing team on the record to include former members Mike Beams, Leon del Muerte, Matt Widener and Bud Burke in an effort to celebrate the band's history - at this point decades of it - and I think the resulting record is an excellent testament to the surprising longevity of Gore Fucking Metal!" Harvey says. So please, accept the band's humble invitation and sink six feet down to their level. EXHUMED can't wait for you to get a whiff of what they've cooked up - this will be the most fun you've ever had being disgusted!

Exhumed - To The Dead
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2022 release from the British death metal band.
Ingested - Ashes Lie Still

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