Wooden Nickel

What's New 3-10-23


Recorded in the Tuareg guitarist’s home country over the past five years, these live and alternate takes offer the chance to hear his music in the cultural context in which he forged it. As the Niger EP demonstrate, a field recorder pointed in the general direction of a band in the middle of a wild party can capture a lot of life.

Rough Trade

Though no strangers to the dancefloor, the minimal yet immersive beats and grooves of UK Grims's tracks – which include collaborations with Dry Cleaning’s Florence Shaw and Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell among them – add a new, physical dimension to Sleaford Mods’ sound that makes their words more vital than ever. Music for body AND mind.

Sonic Records

The Big Bottle of Joy is about celebration - hard-won, overflowing, exuberant celebration. Over a dozen songs infused with raw blues-rock, rollicking Americana, thoughtful folk, and ecstatic gospel, Andersen testifies to something we could all do well to remember: the time we have together is special, so let's spend it the right way.

New West

After recording over 20 songs, including some that dabbled in electro-pop and stripped-down country, the band settled on the final 14 songs containing the best elements of ‘70s-driven blues rock. Sonically, the album is reminiscent of Sticky Fingers-era Stones, but the lyrics are mini-vignettes that embody the spirit of what The Nude Party are going for — and their growth as a band.


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