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What's New 9-1-23


On Jeff Rosenstock's ninth album, the spontaneous DIY trailblazer returns with the most confident and cohesive album of his career. Featuring massive pop gems, as well as softer songs showcasing an intimate, immediate sound, Hellmode is a chaotic and frenzied album that captures the essence of the current state of the world.

RAS / Greenway

With its off-kilter heavy psych weirdery, primal polyrhythmic grooves, and dystopian themes, Data Doom offers a heady stew of the loud, the funky and the weird, and doesn’t let up from the first riff to the last. From a fuse lit by modern-day monstrosities the band seeks to find salvation through a thousand watt wake-up of rock n’ roll exfoliation.


Átta is a welcome return to form and beyond for the band, ten years removed from their last studio release, and their partnership with a 41-piece orchestra is both logical and awe-striking. It’s a significant milestone, a step towards musical immortality that Sigur Rós feel destined for after having blown the possibilities for post-rock wide open.

Dead Oceans

Spanning psychedelic soundscapes, pulsating 80’s electronic elements and John Cale inspired journeys, Everything… lands immediately as something made for 2023 and beyond. Slowdive show their craft as the masters of the genre by pushing it outwards, beyond the singular; the end result being a record which feels as emotional and cathartic as it is hopeful.

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