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What's New 4-26-24

charley crockett
Son of Davy

Previous albums have highlighted Crockett’s unique meld of the tragic, the wistful, and the satirical. With his 13th album, $10 Cowboy, he offers his most fully realized set. Occurring as a cross between Hank Williams, a low-key carnival announcer, and the Coen brothers’ Buster Scruggs, Crockett has perfected his craft: $10 Cowboy is a 2024 standout.

st. vincent
St. Vincent

This is an invitation to test the limits of what is possible–and to then keep going. Brought to life with the aid of a highly curated lineup of friends — Rachel Eckroth, Josh Freese, Dave Grohl, Mark Guiliana, Cate Le Bon, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Stella Mogzawa and David Ralicke — the album is an unadulterated expression of St. Vincent’s singular vision.

eric slick
Slick Records

This is a dance record. It’s also a statement about our harrowing future - AI, self-driving cars, Twitter rage, mass media manipulation, and ultimately, the sin of perfectionism. It’s sonically influenced by the work of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, Todd Rundgren, Prince, The Residents, and DEVO. And it’s spectacular.

iron & wine
Sub Pop

Fashioned as an album that should be taken as a whole, Light Verse is lovingly handmade and self-assured as a secret handshake— equal parts elegy, kaleidoscope, truth, and dare. Featuring Fiona Apple, Tyler Chester, Sebastian Steinberg, David Garza, Griffin Goldsmith, Beth Goodfellow, Kyle Crane, and Paul Cartwright.

Pure Noise Records

This is an emo record, but perhaps only categorically speaking. It contains multitudes: ambient, pop, R&B, punk, and experimental sounds float in and out of one another as the record moves through scenes, experiences, and feelings, all of them rippling with a purity of intention and translation that mark the best artistic works of “psychedelia.”

Napalm Records

Long-standing legendary German titans of heavy metal are back with another world class entry in their legendary catalog. Sometimes, straight up riffage with no frills and all thrills is exactly what you need and that is exactly what Accept have delivered with Humanoid— a healthy slab of classic heavy metal that compliments the band’s near 50-year legacy.


It Beckons Us All follows 2022's revered Astral Fortress, with what could be considered an even more refined, challenging & diverse set of timeless metal anthems from the uncompromising trailblazers; from the melodic, to the somber & atmospheric, to the blackened dirges emanating from Darkthrone's highly distinguishable riffing.

taylor swift

With its playful narratives and hooks like anchors, Swift’s 11th studio album is a terrific reminder of her storytelling powers and intense, personal connection she can conjure in song. It combines the intimacy of Folklore and Evermore with the synth-pop gloss of Midnights to create music that's wildly ambitious and gloriously chaotic.

linkin park
Warner Records

Papercuts is the first singles collection from innovative musical force Linkin Park. The career-spanning 20-track album compiles 18 essential anthems, plus the never-before-released track “Friendly Fire” recorded during the 2017 sessions for their seventh album One More Light and fan-favorite rarity “QWERTY”.

cims spotify playlist

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