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What's New 5-31-24

king hannah
City Slang

King Hannah weaves between meditative pop and expansive, sonorous landscapes brimming with darkness, wit, and wry humor. Merrickís smoky vocals are perfectly complemented by the bluesy canvases Whittle masterfully paints beneath them as they effortlessly transition from post-rock expansiveness to evoking the sensation of Springsteen straying onto a gritty side-street off his highway to freedom.

richard thompson
New West Records

Ship to Shore is classic Thompson, the songster of misery and despair who doesnít often change that tune while always delivering something tasty, fresh and new. Itís a deep and diverse collection that pulls from various styles: rumbling, Motown-style rhythm, straightforward riff-rock, 1600s-era European music, and glammy, cabaret-like melodies.

Kill Rock Stars

Dreamachine rises beyond the critically acclaimed five-pieceís garage rock roots, drawing on a mix of post-punk, experimental pop, and vintage disco, all filtered through the bandís love of Middle Eastern psych music. Each song is its own distinct world, hypnotic and driven by lush synthesizers, sinewy guitars, and a muscular rhythm sectionĖ equal parts fearless and enthralling.

ben platt

Named for the ďhoneylikeĒ state of being in love (ďlike all the jagged thoughts and fears and anxieties in my brain are slowly smoothed out, until my mind is coated with warmth and sweetness,Ē) the album was Executive Produced by Dave Cobb, written with notable songwriters Hillary Lindsey, Natalie Hemby, and Alex Hope, and sees Ben exploring a more understated, folk-leaning sound.

crowded house

Almost 40 years in, New Zealand rockers Crowded House are still adding rooms to their musical mansion. Gravity Stairs continues the sophisticated Beatlesque pop the bandís lead songwriter, Neil Finn, has always been known for. Itís the kind of album that rewards repeated listening with Finnís songwriting opening like flower, and the bandís musical choices complementing his genius at every turn.

becky hill

Believe Me Now? sees Hill digging deeper into her life-long passion for underground dance music and club culture. Whether sheís drawing from the worlds of drum Ďní bass, anthemic house, techno or atmospheric trance, Hillís flair for blending the heart of such genres with her powerhouse vocal has produced an album thatís rich with credibility and personal integrity, yet with immense global appeal.

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