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Format: CD
Label: TVT
Catalog: 8101
Rel. Date: 02/11/1997
UPC: 016581810129

Kama Sutra
Artist: Mychael Danna
Format: CD
New: Not Currently Available

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1. Omiya
2. Maya's Theme
3. Maya Takes Revenge
4. Aphrodisiac
5. Wedding Song
6. Jai's Flower
7. The Eternal Triangle
8. Expulsion (Sajan Begha Ghar Aiye Ho)
9. All Pure Spirit
10. A Jewel Of The Gutter
11. Red Hibiscus On Skin
12. The Glory Of God Is In You
13. Gold Dust Bacchanalia
14. Marriage Of The Flying Spirit
15. Examining, Examining
16. Biki Is Insulted
17. Come Paint My Breasts With Sandalwood
18. Markings
19. A Cry From The Heart
20. My Flower
21. The Execution
22. The Toona Song
23. Off To New Horizons Of Love You Go (Ulfat Ki Nayi Manzil Ko Cha