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Kaleidoscope World


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/23/1993
UPC: 017531013928

Kaleidoscope World
Artist: The Chills
Format: CD
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This CD expansion of a compilation of early singles and EP cuts by New Zealand's best known alt-pop band has a couple of flat spots. But both the 18- track length and the generally robust health of Martin Phillipps' songwriting make it a generous offer that's hard to refuse. Phillipps was actually to do more consistent work on Brave Words and Submarine Bells, but Kaleidoscope World finds him working out early versions of his continuing obsessions--death, the environment--in a fascinating manner. It also includes one of his all-time greats, "I Love My Leather Jacket," a gorgeous rocker about the premature loss of a friend. --Rickey Wright