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Thanks For Everything


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/24/2018
UPC: 020286226918

Thanks For Everything
Artist: Third Eye Blind
Format: CD
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The project came together in the fall of 2017 while on tour, where Third Eye Blind has been finding joy and sanctuary by visiting local museums and galleries and booking time across the US and Europe - Ardent Studios in Memphis, a friend s house in Malibu, Hedgehog in Düsseldorf -to record songs they love. These mini recording sessions became celebrations of these artists. The idea with this EP was to amplify some of that music and art, and in doing so, catch inspiration for our next album. Proceeds from Thank You for Everything will be donated to one of their favorites, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The album art is a collaboration with Queens native Uncutt ( Protect Your Heart ) and Warhol's Skull (1976). It's a visual version of what we re doing with these artist s songs. We find art or music in one place, and then we take it someplace else. In both cases, I hope it will yield renewed interest in the originals, adds Stephan.