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Amityville 3-D


Format: DVD
Label: MGM (VIDEO & DVD)
Catalog: 1006793
Genre: DVD / Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 04/05/2005
UPC: 027616909398

Amityville 3-D
Artist: The Amityville Horror [Movie]
Format: DVD
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R/Incl. 3D glasses

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The home of unspeakable evil is back to torment all who cross its threshold, as Dino De Laurentiis and legendary director Richard Fleischer (Soylent Green) present "a horror picture of considerable class and polish" (Los Angeles Times)! Packed with bone-chilling special effects, this third rendezvous with terror in Amityville stars Tony Roberts, Tess Harper, Robert Joy, Candy Clark and Meg Ryan. To debunk the Amityville house's infamous reputation and take advantage of a rock-bottom asking price, skeptical journalist John Baxter (Roberts) buys the place and settles in to write his first novel. But as soon as the ink on the deed has dried, people who have come into contact with him – and the house – begin to meet with a shocking fate. Is it coincidenceÂ...or is this house really the gateway to hell?