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Format: CD
Genre: Rap/HipHop
Rel. Date: 12/15/2017
UPC: 075678658938

Artist: Boosie Badazz
Format: CD
New: Available to Order $21.98

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Following the release of fan favorite mixtapes Out My Feelings In My Past, Thug Talk, and Bleek Mode (Thug In Piece Lil Bleek), he builds his biggest, brashest, and boldest statement to date and first double-disc, Boopac.  With the 25-track opus, he doesn’t just walk again; he runs towards a throne that’s been waiting for him all along over the past two decades.  “Once again, Boopac is another story,” he exclaims. “It’s my crazy life and what I’ve been going through the past couple of years with everything and cancer. I felt like I could fight the system, and I could fight this. I did it because of God. My auntie had just died from cancer. My uncle had died from cancer too. I wasn’t going to. I grabbed my realest and deepest songs. It’s one of those records, you listen to and let roll. You don’t have to press fast forward once. By me saying Boopac, that’s some cocky ass shit,” he laughs. “It’s going to open up people’s eyes. This is going to solidify greatness. I promise you…Motherfuckers who doubted me will see.”