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Howard Stern Private Parts: The Album [2LP]
Artist: Various Artists
Format: Vinyl
New: Available to Order $24.98

Available Formats and Editions


1. Pig Virus - By Private Parts Cast
2. The Great American Nightmare (with Howard Stern) - By Rob Zombie
3. Mama Look - A Boo Boo - By Private Parts Cast
4. I Make My Own Rules - By Flea, Dave Navarro and Chad Smith
5. The Match Game - By Private Parts Cast
6. Hard Charger - By Porno For Pyros
7. Moti - By Private Parts Cast
8. The Suck for Your Solution - By Marilyn Manson
9. Lance Eluction - By Private Parts Cast
10. Pictures of Matchstick Men (with Type O Negative) - By Ozzy Osbourne


1. The Contest - By Private Parts Cast
2. Tired of Waiting for You - By Green Day
3. WRNW - By Private Parts Cast
4. Pinhead - By Ramones
5. Oh Howard - By Private Parts Cast
6. The Ben Stern Megamix - By Ben Stern
7. The Howard Stern Experience - By Private Parts Cast
8. Smoke on the Water - By Deep Purple
9. WCCC - By Private Parts Cast
10. I Want You to Want Me - By Cheap Trick
11. The Antichrist - By Private Parts Cast
12. Cat Scratch Fever - By Ted Nugent
13. WNBC - By Private Parts Cast
14. Jamie's Cryin' - By Van Halen
15. Crackhead Bob - By Private Parts Cast
16. You Shook Me All Night Long (Live) - By AC/DC
17. Howard You Stink - By Private Parts Cast
18. Ladies & Gentlemen - By Private Parts Cast
19. Tortured Man - By Howard Stern & The Dust Brothers

More Info:

A number of artists recorded tracks for inclusion on the soundtrack including LL COOL J with FLEA, DAVE NAVARRO and CHAD SMITH of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and OZZY OSBOURNE with TYPE O NEGATIVE. Howard Stern himself teamed up with ROB ZOMBIE to record “The Great American Nightmare” and The Dust Brothers to record “Tortured Man.” Other rock acts contributing tracks include PORNO FOR PYROS, MARILYN MANSON, GREEN DAY, THE RAMONES, DEEP PURPLE, CHEAP TRICK, TED NUGENT and VAN HALEN. The album features vignettes from the film, as well as key rock tracks from Stern’s days as a rock radio disc jockey. A number of celebrities appeared in the film as themselves including David Letterman, Mia Farrow, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider, MC Hammer, Tiny Tim, Flavor Flav, John Popper, Slash and Ted Nugent. This is the first time that this album has been released on vinyl.