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L'ere Du Verseau
Artist: Yelle
Format: CD
New: Available to Order $19.98

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1. Emancipense
2. J'veux Un Chien
3. Je T'aime Encore
4. Karaté
5. Menu Du Jour
6. Mon Beau Chagrin
7. Vue D'en Face
8. Noir
9. Peine de Mort
10. Un Million + 4 Bonus Tracks

More Info:

Yelle knows how to surprise us, every time. Every release is different, interesting, yet recognizable and "catchy". Yelle has this unique way of getting us, even when we don't get a word, we do get the vibe, and what a vibe! "L'Ère du Verseau" (Age of Aquarius) is like visiting a house where each room is fascinating, rooms where you want to dance, rooms where you want to think, even a room to cry! This 4th album confirms again that we can trust this band. Trusting Yelle is good for your health.