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Where's The Party: Deluxe Edition


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 02/10/2015
UPC: 5055300384218

Where's The Party: Deluxe Edition
Artist: Eddie Money
Format: CD
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In 1982, Eddie Money was a hugely successful and famous art-ist with a string of hit singles and platinum albums to his name. Eddie’s raspy tones and his penchant for earthy blue collar rock had served him well. ‘Where’s The Party?’ was his fifth an al-bum largely produced, as was his previous platinum smash ‘No Control’, by veteran studio wizard, Tom Dowd (Derek & The Dominoes, Cream etc) in Los Angeles, surrounded by a number of top session players, including members of Mr Mister, The Steve Miller Band and Rod Stewart’s band. In keeping with pre-vious recordings Eddie co-wrote a selection of radio friendly, tough-guy rock tracks that gave full reign to his mellifluous voice. Whilst it’s true to say that none of the tracks on this album achieved hit single status, the body of work is beyond reproach, serving up a choice selection, songs such as ‘The Big Crash’, ‘Club Michelle’ and ‘Backtrack’, that fit firmly into the Money trademark sound of solid riffs and big shout-it-loud hooks.