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Donde Estas Maria


Format: CD
Genre: Reggae/World
Rel. Date: 09/08/2017
UPC: 5056032310438

Donde Estas Maria
Artist: Meridian Brothers
Format: CD
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2017 release. Meridian Brothers is a tropical/psychedelic group from Colombia, formed in 1998. Led by composer Eblis Alvarez, a pioneer of the alternative music scene in Bogotá, the band continuously explores and experiments with alternative ways of playing instruments and electronic media. Meridian Brothers' sound a is huge palette of influences and inspirations. Drawing from traditional Latin rock (including Colombian, Argentinean and Mexican) as well as Brazilian tropical, for this album Alvarez incorporates string instruments - in particular the cello, both bowed and plucked - a timbre rarely used in his previous works. Lead track "Dónde Estás María" is a proclamation of love for a spiritual guardian - and a taste of the dreamy psych-folk journey on which the album embarks. Mellow vocals and delicate cello riffs put a light spring in the step, while fuzzy bass and the gentle thump of the percussion and bells drive the song at an excitable pace.