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Format: CD
Label: Groenland Records
Rel. Date: 04/22/2017
UPC: 5060238633536

Artist: Klaus Dinger & Prejapandorf
Format: CD
New: Not Currently Available

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Previously unreleased Klaus Dinger Material. The upcoming millennium inspired Klaus Dinger, legendary co-founder of NEU! and La Düsseldorf, to look for new collaborative opportunities with other musicians. His ambition was to create new music, to “re-sound” the impending millennium and to find new forms of artistic production. Klaus Dinger had been joined by Kazuyuki Onouchi, Andreas Reihse (Kreidler) , Viktoria Wehrmeister (Toresch), Nakao Masaki , Thea Djordjadze. “Turning documentary into art” would indeed be the best way to describe this album.

1. June 2. 2000! Lilienthal Studio 2. Pure Energy 3. Talk 4. Mayday 2000! 5. Untitled, September 12. 2000! 6. Midsummer 7. THANK YOU ALL!