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Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid


Format: CD
Genre: Rap/HipHop
Rel. Date: 09/16/2016
UPC: 5060454945208

Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid
Artist: Die Antwoord
Format: CD
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In 2009 Die Antwoord (Translated From Afrikaans As "The Answer") Burst Onto The International Scene Out Of The Deep Dark Depths Of South Africa. The Rave Rap Duo Of Ninja And ĽO-Landi Vi$$Er Introduced Zef Culture Into The Pop Culture Lexicon, And Pop Culture Hasn't Been The Same Since. Early Videos "Zefside" And "Enter The Ninja" Racked Up A Combined 35 Million Views, The Band'S Website Crashed Due To The Influx Of Traffic, And No One Has Been Able To Look At Pink Floyd'S "Dark Side Of The Moon" Art The Same Way Again. Their 2012 Anthem "I Fink U Freeky" From Their Sophomore Album Ten$Ion, Currently Has Over 87 Million Youtube Views. In Total Their Videos Have Over 250 Million Views And Their Albums Are Approaching A Million In Sales Worldwide. In 2014 "Donker Mag", Contained Their Next Breakthrough Tracks And Remarkable Videos For Pitbull Terrier (24 Million Views) And Ugly Boy (64 Million Views) Now Die Antwoord Is Set To Release Their Next Mastepiece My Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid And The Next Breakthrough Video For Banana Brain.