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1. Alligator
2. Ahay
3. Róróró
4. Waiting For The Snow
5. Vulture, Vulture
6. Wild Roses
7. Stuck In Gravity
8. Sleepwalker
9. Wars
10. Under A Dome
11. Soothsayer

More Info:

You think you know the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, but you have no idea. Within the first minute of their new single 'Alligator' you'll be wondering if this huge anthem is the brainchild of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fronting Arcade Fire –all thumping drums, brimming guitars and a call-to-arms chorus about taking control. During a day of final mixing at the LA studio of their co-producer Rich Costey (MUSE, Vampire Weekend, Chvrches), the five-piece gather in stages.