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Rock N Roll High School [Rocktober 2019 Tri-Color LP Soundtrack]
Artist: Various Artists
Format: Vinyl
New: Available to Order $21.98

Available Formats and Editions


1. Rock ’n’ Roll High School - By Ramones
2. I Want You Around - By Ramones
3. Come On Let’s Go - By Ramones & The Paley Brothers
4. Ramones Medley: Blitzkrieg Bop/Teenage Lobotomy /California Sun/Pinhead /She’s the One - By Ramones
5. So It Goes - By Nick Lowe
6. Energy Fools the Magician - By Brian Eno
7. Rock ’n’ Roll High School - By P.J. Soles
8. Come Back Jonee - By Devo
9. Teenage Depression - By Eddie & The Hot Rods
10. Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room - By Brownsville Station
11. School Days - By Chuck Berry
12. A Dream Goes on Forever - By Todd Rundgren
13. School’s Out - By Alice Cooper

More Info:

Original soundtrack reissue of the 1979 musical comedy film on color vinyl featuring Ramones and containing the original remixes of “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” & “I Want You Around” done by Phil Spector. Presented on 1 LP 140g fire color vinyl (tri-colored red/orange/yellow).