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Untouched Takeaway

Untouched Takeaway

Artist: Nick Lowe

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Format: CD
Label: Junketboy/Yep Rock
Rel. Date: 11/16/2004
UPC: 634457280021

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''Untouched Takeaway'' is an album by British singer-songwriter Nick Lowe. A live recording produced by Lowe and Neil Brockbank, it was released in 2004 by Yep Roc Records. The name is from the song "Lately I've Let Things Slide" from Lowe's album ''The Convincer:''

:That untouched takeaway

:I brought home the other day

:Has quite a lot to say

:The evidence is clear

:On every side

:Piled high and wide

:About how lately I've let things slide - Wikipedia