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Holy Moly [Limited Edition Blue LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/28/2019
UPC: 655173918616

Holy Moly [Limited Edition Blue LP]
Artist: Chris Staples
Format: Vinyl
New: Available to Order $19.98

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Following 2015's beautifully written introspective album 'Golden Age,' singer-songwriter Chris Staples is back with his upcoming full length release, 'Holy Moly.' While maintaining the authentic reflection Staples is known for in his songwriting, he has embraced a cautiously optimistic outlook for his future. Staples finds gentle melodies with his trademark stripped-back guitar, and also introduces new sounds by integrating keyboards for sonically lush arrangements. Staples' previous releases were met with praise from NPR's All Songs Considered, American Songwriter, Paste, The AV Club, and more.