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Quicksand / Cradlesnakes [Deluxe 2LP]


Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 03/17/2017
UPC: 656605141916

Quicksand / Cradlesnakes [Deluxe 2LP]
Artist: Califone
Format: Vinyl
New: Available to Order $23.98

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In the summer of 2002, Tim Rutili and the rest of Califone had just come out of a busy year that included touring with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-era Wilco and collaborating with Issac Brock's alter-ego project, Ugly Casanova. With new creative energy unlocked, the band began work on the follow-up to their breakout full-length debut, Roomsound. The result, the much celebrated Quicksand / Cradlesnakes, brims with earned confidence.  Here, Califone began to master the mix of blues, country and technical glitchery so oft-referenced today, all the while creating something timeless. Quicksand / Cradlesnakes is rugged and elegant, dark and optimistic, familiar and entirely new. In a word it is beautiful.