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Inside The Dance Vol 4. EP [Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/30/2019
UPC: 708630007917

Inside The Dance Vol 4. EP [Vinyl]
Artist: Various Artists
Format: Vinyl
New: Not Currently Available

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1. Digital Afrika - Babalu Aye
2. Kiko Navarro & Nickodemus - Cacao Ceremony
3. Randomized Coffee - Barake
4. Chris Annibell - Ye No ntem

More Info:

From the yearly "Inside the Dance" series, we bring you 4 new songs reflecting our love for the African influenced house music on Wonderwheel. Starting things off, the new group from Australia Digital Afrika's "Babalu Ayť" been lighting up the dancefloors all Spring while Kiko Navarro & Nickodemus take it deep with M'bira melodies & traditional vocals on "Cacao Ceremony". On the flip we have a new one from Randomized Coffee called "Barake" which features vocals from Burkina Faso and Chris Annibell "Ye No ntem" featuring Rozie Gyems rounds out the EP with a heavy one we always wanted on vinyl. The full compilation will drop in December with all new music that takes us deep inside the dance.