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Word Of Mouth


Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 01/12/2018
UPC: 711297493528

Word Of Mouth
Artist: Seth Lakeman
Format: CD
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2014 release from the British Folk singer/songwriter. Recorded in a studio set-up in a Cornish church, WORD OF MOUTH is a defining album for Seth Lakeman's storied career and for the landscape of British Folk. Seth has bared his traditional Folk roots more than ever before with WORD OF MOUTH. The sound is deeper and more dramatic than previous albums, in part owing to Seth's recruitment of his live band: As well as Ben Nicholls, Cormac Byrne, Lisbee Stainton and Sean Lakeman, guests on the album include Leon Hunt playing banjo on "Last Rider", cellist India Bourne on "The Wanderer" and Lau accordion player Martin Green on "Tiger". Featuring the stories of the real people who inspired the album, WORD OF MOUTH straddles the Folk tradition Seth's music is steeped in and the contemporary Folk movement that he has become such a seminal figure of. Seth Lakeman has been at the forefront of the re-emergence of British Folk, it's escape from the dark shadow of bearded men in Fair Isle jumpers into a new light for energetic, heartfelt musicians and a rediscovered respect for acoustic music. WORD OF MOUTH shows Seth continuing to lead the way.