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The Quantum Enigma


Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 07/26/2019
UPC: 727361334208

The Quantum Enigma
Artist: Epica
Format: CD
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A band that has enjoyed as much worldwide success and acclaim as EPICA should have every right to rest on their laurels and stick to the proverbial "winning formula". And yet, as their fans across the globe are well aware, EPICA has never been a band to play it safe, and they've never made the same album twice. EPICA has earned its reputation as one of the foremost symphonic metal bands by repeatedly shattering expectations and pushing the very limits in the genre. “The Quantum Enigma”, Epica’s sixth full length studio album, was originally released in 2014. This is EPICA like you've never heard them before: “The Quantum Enigma” sounds larger than life, expertly mixing devilishly sharp guitars, angelic choruses, evocative synthesizers, mindboggling drum work, and of course, another soaring vocal performance from Simone Simons. “The Quantum Enigma” is simultaneously the band's most intense and emotional release to date.