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Sometimes The World Ain't Enough


Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 06/29/2018
UPC: 727361434526

Sometimes The World Ain't Enough
Artist: The Night Flight Orchestra
Format: CD
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It started out as a united vision in 2006, shared between the band’s founding members, Björn Strid (vocals) and David Andersson (guitar), somewhere on one of those endless American highways in the middle of a SOILWORK tour. The original idea was to create a soundtrack for their own journey, something that you could listen to when everyone else was sick of listening to “Detroit Rock City”, “Goodbye Girl” and “Born To Run”. With the mission identified, the guys set out to handpick the perfect musicians to share and fulfill that same vision. Sharlee D’Angelo (bass, ARCH ENEMY, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and many others), Richard Larsson (keys), Jonas Källsbäck (drums) and Sebastian Forslund (guitar, percussion) would soon fill out the lime-up. And as fate would have it, the first time they all got in a room together and started playing, the magic was instantaneous. The band released their first two albums, “Internal Affairs” and “Skyline Whispers”, which both were critically acclaimed and built them a reputation in certain circles. The band managed to take things next level when they signed to Nuclear Blast and released “Amber Galactic”, an album awarded Album of the Month in several European rock magazines, as well as securing the band a Swedish Grammy nomination, which then culminated in an euphoric European tour in the fall/winter of 2017. This year, they’re back with their new album, “Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough”, taking the band even further. This album has all the catchy tunes, the musical artistry, and the inimitable Swedish melancholy - everything’s still slightly over the top and there’s even more for you to love.