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Vinyl LP pressing.
Vinyl LP pressing.
Real Bad Flights
Artist: Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man
Format: Vinyl
New: Available to Order $52.98

Formats and Editions


1. Real Negro Life (Feat. Piper Gkfam)
2. Looking for Water (Feat. Boldy James)
3. Tokyo Blunts (Feat. Armand Hammer, Conquest Tony Phillips)
4. Afro Russian (Feat. Amani)
5. View of Paris (Feat. Ahwlee)
6. Off the Plane T (Feat. Ez ; Kari Faux)
7. Pour the Wine (Feat. Peso Gordon ; Chuck Strangers)
8. Po Drama (Feat. Iojii)
9. Real Bad Gospel

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Vinyl LP pressing.
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