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Live At The Electric Theater Co. Chicago, 1968
Artist: Tim Buckley
Format: CD
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In May 1968, singer/songwriter Tim Buckley did a couple of legendary shows at the historic Electric Theatre Co. In Chicago. These shows captured a brief period of the ever-evolving explorations of Tim Buckley.In many ways, these previously unreleased live May 1968 recordings were works in progress done in real time in front of a live audience and captured Buckley's improvisational raw energy at the peak of his artistic powers. This legendary recording features some of Tim's classic songs, including "Sing A Song For You," "Gypsy Woman" and Fred Neil's "Dolphins," but what makes this recording special are all of the improvising and being able to witness this musical genius work out new material on stage.Tim Buckley's career and life were shockingly short, but his influence has only grown stronger as the years go by and even though these performances are nearly 50 years old, they are truly timeless.