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First Taste [LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/02/2019
UPC: 781484073819

First Taste [LP]
Artist: Ty Segall
Format: Vinyl
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First Taste is, as the title implies, a visceral shot of new flavor from Ty Segall. The followup to last January's extroverted Freedom's Goblin, First Taste cross-fertilizes Ty's antisocial side (think: Emotional Mugger) with the wide-ranging humanism of Manipulator and the pop zazz of the aforementioned Goblin. This means an immaculate sequence of sides with Ty playing multiple parts with and without contributions from the Freedom Band. Ty's songwriting confidence is at an apex, and he moves from style to style, evoking directions in rock, lite pop, experimental, alternative and even afrobeat! Ty at 12 (albums) = his best yet?