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Music For The Long Emergency [LP]

Music For The Long Emergency [LP]

Artist: Polica & S T A R G A Z E

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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 02/16/2018
UPC: 789577770911

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Music For The Long Emergency is the collaborative album from Minneapolis-based electronic quintet POLIÇA and European orchestral collective s t a r g a z e. The two bands met for the first time in Berlin in 2016, and while the collaboration started in the same room, the process continued as an 18-month long ''ping pong'' match as the bands exchanged ideas and music over email, mp3 files, video conferencing, and the occasional meet-up in Berlin, Minneapolis, and Eau Claire. Both bands were adamant that whatever they created ''not just be POLIÇA songs with s t a r g a z e pasted on top,'' as POLIÇA vocalist Channy Leaneagh puts it, and the end result is the most adventurous and forward-thinking music either group has made to date.