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Hangovers In The Ancient World


Format: CD
Label: UP.
Catalog: 80056
Genre: Rock & Pop
Rel. Date: 07/07/1998
UPC: 796818005626

Hangovers In The Ancient World
Artist: Violent Green
Format: CD
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Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson may be on the Northwest dub tip, but Violent Green--the trio of Jennifer Olay (former guitarist for Some Velvet Sidewalk), Drew Quinlan (of the hardcore band Whipped), and Wayne Flower (of the Halo Benders)--have the trip-hop side of music covered. Dark and intense, Hangovers in the Ancient World is filled with eerie church bells, deft turntable scratching, and the strained vocals of Olay. The electric guitars make you wonder--is this punk or is it dance music? The answer is seemingly both, but the steady beats, goth screams, and sampler antics make it a hell of a lot more interesting than most music in either of those genres.