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Philip Glass - The Complete Piano Etudes

Philip Glass - The Complete Piano Etudes

Artist: Philip Glass

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Format: CD
Genre: Classical
Rel. Date: 12/09/2014
UPC: 801837009828

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In 1994, Philip Glass resolved to become a better pianist, setting to work on a series of short compositions that would help him hone his skills at the keyboard. Two decades in the making, his 20 exquisite etudes have recently been completed, standing as a record of one man s deeply personal relationship to his instrument and an embodiment of his evolving style. Orange Mountain Music is proud to announce the availability of The Complete Piano Etudes, a two-disc set covering both volumes of Glass piano etudes, 20 pieces in all. In addition to the first book - Etudes Nos.1-10 - recorded anew with virtuoso Maki Namekawa, this set contains the world premiere recording of the second book of etudes - Nos.11-20 - including the incredibly Romantic 20th Etudes. 125 minutes of music in total.