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Red Bull Ride


Format: DVD
Label: Image Entertainment
Catalog: 0000029
Rel. Date: 07/02/2002
UPC: 806923002998

Red Bull Ride

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Check out the world's best mountain bikers on the most radical, in-your-face course ever! Twenty-five riders from nine countries take on one seriously gnarly course in the name of glory, survival, and $15,000 cash. Andrew Mills, Wade Simmons, Robbie Bourdon, John Waddell, Tarek Rasouli, Nathan Rennie, Joe Schwartz, and Dave Watson are just a handful of riders who take on Jindabyne, Australia's answer to freeride madness with 25-foot drops, north shore ramps, steep rocky chutes, and deadly snakes! Multi-camera shots from all aspects of the course ensure nothing is missed, keeping you in on the action from start to finish!