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"Broken Man"/"Singin A New Song"


Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Third Man Records
Rel. Date: 04/21/2018
UPC: 813547025906

"Broken Man"/"Singin A New Song"
Artist: Joshua Hedley
Format: 7" Vinyl
New: Not Currently Available

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This RSD-exclusive single features two unreleased tracks from Joshua Hedley’s crooner country debut Mr. Jukebox, releasing the day before RSD, 4/20/18, on Third Man Records. The first track, Broken Man, is a near-perfect melancholic love song, so prepare for a lone tear to roll down your cheek when the needle hits the wax. The second is Singin’ a New Song, a shooting star steeped in honky-tonk tradition.

Pressed on mahogany brown vinyl. Limited copies available for RSD 2018 exclusively.
"Broken Man"/"Singin A New Song"