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Intuition [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Transparent Orange LP]


Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock & Pop
Rel. Date: 09/06/2019
UPC: 857387005865

Intuition [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Transparent Orange LP]
Artist: Kendra Amalie
Format: Vinyl
New: Not Currently Available

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A sweeping introduction to an artist deep into their practice, Kendra Amalie's Intuition is a star map to a new and developing sound space. An exploratory and (sometimes) shredding finger-style 12-string guitarist (both acoustic and electric), band leader, synthesist, new media creator, and experimental producer, the Wisconsin-based musician is also a songwriter occupying an ethereal zone between galaxy-brain cosmic transmissions and deep, personal expression. There's a concept and narrative arc to Intuition, too, the action moving from underwater locales to boat to city to global consciousness to farmland to the etheric plane and back to water. Shifting her music-making energies over the past several years, Intuition is the sound of a powerful new voice in focus. Intuition is a sound-based cross-section of a larger body of work. An arrival and a destination, Intuition is also surely a stopover, too. Meet Kendra Amalie.