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The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions [CD Box Set]


Format: CD
Genre: Reggae/World
Rel. Date: 11/16/2018
UPC: 888072053618

The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions [CD Box Set]
Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD
New: Available to Order $59.98

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1. Julio Gutiérrez - Introduction
2. Julio Gutiérrez - Theme On Perfidia
3. Julio Gutiérrez - Theme On Mambo
4. Julio Gutiérrez - Cimarron
5. Julio Gutiérrez - Theme On Cha Cha Cha
6. Julio Gutiérrez - Opus For Dancing
7. Julio Gutiérrez - Theme For Conga


1. Julio Gutiérrez - Jam Session (Descarga Caliente)
2. Julio Gutiérrez - Rumba Theme
3. Julio Gutiérrez - Listen To The Rhythm Of The ChaChaCha
4. Julio Gutiérrez - Bata Rhythm


1. Niño Rivera - Montuno – Swing
2. Niño Rivera - Monuno – Guajiro
3. Niño Rivera - Cha Cha Cha Montuno
4. Niño Rivera - Guanguanco – Comparsa


1. Cachao - Trombon Criollo
2. Cachao - Controversia De Metales
3. Cachao - Estudio En Trompeta
4. Cachao - Guajeo De Saxos
5. Cachao - Oye Mi Tres Montuno
6. Cachao - Malanga Amarilla
7. Cachao - Cogele El Golpe
8. Cachao - Pamparana
9. Cachao - Descarga Cuban
10. Cachao - Goza Mi Trompeta
11. Cachao - A Gozar Timbero
12. Cachao - Sorpresa De Flauta


1. José Fajardo - Juaniquita
2. José Fajardo - Pa’ Coco Solo
3. José Fajardo - Busco Una Chinita
4. José Fajardo - Guajirando
5. José Fajardo - Goza El Montuno
6. José Fajardo - Vamos A Gozar
7. José Fajardo - La Flaunta De Jose
8. José Fajardo - La Charanga

More Info:

Craft Recordings is proud to announce the release of The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions 5-LP and 5-CD box sets on November 9, 2018. Compiled here in their entirety and original format for the first time, the five volumes of Panart’s Cuban Jam Session albums were recorded over a span of almost a decade, from 1956–1964. Together these albums encapsulate a stylistic and historic panorama of Cuban music, from big band son montuno to Afro-Cuban rumbamambocha-cha-chá and country acoustic guajira music. At the same time, they attest to Cuba’s long relationship with popular American music and jazz.

Collectively these sessions feature an impressive line-up of renowned pioneers of descarga (improvised jam session), including pianist Julio Gutiérrez, tres player Niño Rivera, flautist José Fajardo and the legendary master bassist and mambo co-creator, Israel “Cachao” López. Participating musicians include the legendary percussionist Tata Güines, trombone master Generoso Jiménez, pioneering Cuban jazz drummer Guillermo Barreto, Cachao’s brother and co-father of the mambo Orestes López, ground-breaking timbales player/drummer Walfredo de los Reyes, Sr., jazz-influenced pianist Pedro Jústiz Peruchín,” and Cuban scat singer Francisco Fellove, among many others.


The 5-LP set includes 35 tracks on 180-gram audiophile vinyl in tip-on jackets. It offers a 28-page book featuring black-and-white archival images of the featured artists as well as extensive liner notes and musician bios in English and Spanish by award-winning Latin music writer, Cuban music specialist and box set co-producer, Judy Cantor-Navas. The 5-CD version comes packaged in mini-jacket replicas of the vinyl jackets and is supplemented by an extensive 96-page CD booklet.