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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/04/2019
UPC: 888072118225

Artist: Hiromi
Format: CD
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When she recorded her solo piano debut, Place to Be, in 2009, Hiromi was on the eve of her 30th birthday. She realized that the album would offer a snapshot of the chapter just ending, the ways in which her experiences and personal growth had shaped her sound over the course of her 20s. She decided then that she would revisit the solo format at least once a decade, building a sonic portrait of her evolution and artistry. Ten years later, the prolific pianist goes it alone once again on the stunning new album Spectrum, a dazzling evocation of the vibrant array of colors that imbue her music. As a whole, Spectrum is a vibrant tour of the rainbow panorama of Hiromiís sound; in contrast with Place To Be itís an enthralling encapsulation of her musical maturity. ďI feel Iím a little closer to the piano,Ē Hiromi concludes. ďAll the pianists that I really respect not only love but are loved by the piano, and thatís the relationship that I would love to build through my life.Ē