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Music From Porcelain


Format: CD
Genre: Electronic/Dance
Rel. Date: 06/10/2016
UPC: 888608666718

Music From Porcelain
Artist: Moby
Format: CD
New: Not Currently Available

Available Formats and Editions


1. Mobility
2. Go! (Woodtick Mix)
3. Ah Ah
4. Next Is the E
5. Rock the House
6. Thousand
7. Feeling so Real
8. God Moving over the Face of the Waters
9. Come on Baby
10. That's When I Reach for My Revolver
11. Honey
12. Natural Blues
13. Bodyrock
14. Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad
15. Porcelain


1. Break for Love by Raze
2. Pacific State by 808 State
3. Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest
4. Definition of a Track by Precious
5. I'll House You by Jungle Bros
6. Top Billin' by Audio Two
7. Follow Me (Club Mix) by Aly Us
8. Raw by Big Daddy Kane
9. Pause by Run DMC
10. Energy Flash by Joey Beltram
11. Anasthesia (Out of History Mix) by T99
12. Feel so Real by Dream Frequency
13. Plastic Dreams by Jay Dee
14. Set It Off by Strafe

More Info:

''Music From Porcelain'' is the companion album for Moby's autobiography, ''Porcelain,'' being released by Random House on May 17, 2016. The album is also the first comprehensive compilation of Moby's work starting in the 1990s and includes re-mastered recordings from Moby's early catalog. As a bonus, ''Music From Porcelain'' also contains a collection of some of the era's defining dance recordings that inspired Moby's early career. Moby is without question the most iconic and successful musician of the American Electronic Music scene. The book tour starting in May will stop in over 20 US cities where Moby will be doing local and national press, including TV appearances.