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Hallelujah Nights [LP]


Format: Vinyl
Genre: Country
Rel. Date: 01/19/2018
UPC: 889853058310

Hallelujah Nights [LP]
Artist: LANco
Format: Vinyl
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LANCO's story begins in the small towns where all five bandmates Lancaster, bassist Chandler Baldwin, multi-instrumentalist Jared Hampton, drummer Tripp Howell and lead guitarist Eric Steedly were raised. Spread across Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia, they lived normal lives full of late nights, long weekends, hard lessons and young love. Alongside award-winning producer Jay Joyce, LANCO focused on capturing the spirit of their exuberant live shows, sharing the same goal to make everything sound authentic and human. If a particular song didn't click, LANCO would take it on the road and perform the new tune every night until things fell into place.